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Homeowners Insurance, Not Your Average Thunderstorms, Redistricting, HIV/AIDS Spike | 6/24/22 | LSWI


04:30-10:14 – Redistricting Redo
The rush to redraw Louisiana congressional maps ends in failure. We look at what’s ahead.

10:18-15:53 – Homeowners Insurance Scramble
Thousands of Louisiana homeowners are scrambling as a seventh insurance carrier goes belly up. But, it’s not all bad news.

15:59-21:37 – HIV/AIDS Numbers Spike
Louisiana sees HIV/AIDS cases spike 33% since the COVID-19 lockdown. We talk with an AIDS education leader.

21:50-25:16 – Not Your Average Thunderstorms
Researchers say New Orleans sees 15% more thunderstorms than the average city. A coastal meteorologist says the problem may be man-made.


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