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Here’s how the Galaxy Watch 5 helps you get better sleep


Did you know that us humans spend approximately a third of our lives asleep? Wow, that’s tons of cool tech advancements to miss out on! Well, it’s also precisely the type of thought that actually prevents you from achieving your health goals. You see, sleep is essential, so we should all be focused on getting a good dose of it, instead of evading it.But in today’s day and age, where we’re surrounded by things and happenings that require — what at a glance appears to be — our immediate and undivided attention, that’s just hard to do. If you feel the same way, know that you are not alone, as research pretty much confirms this as a growing trend.

But you know, us techies have a lead in this sleep race, because most of us are already equipped to start the fight for improving our sleep quality! How would that happen? Well, through devices like the Galaxy Watch 5 — one of the Best Smartwatches you can get.

Why should I use my smartwatch to track my sleep?

Fun fact: 50% of Galaxy Watch owners are already tracking their sleep once per week, with 40% of them doing it more than thrice per week. Why should you join the trend? Because if you don’t, then how would you know if your sleep can be improved?

Our minds can do this nasty thing, where they become over-focused, which makes us feel hyped about getting something done. In reality though, we’re just taking a hike through Burnout Trail, which impacts our sleep incredibly negatively. If you use a smartwatch like the Galaxy Watch 5 to get a detailed snapshot of your sleep data, then you can see the signs and do something about it before you reach your unwanted destination.

And you can’t afford to just judge yourself through clichés and info from the net either. Everyone of us sleeps a little differently, so it is important to understand what your personal needs are when it comes to sleep. So how would Samsung help you out there?

How will sleep tracking help me sleep better?

Through the tried-and-true buddy system of course! The Watch 5 can act as your real-life Sleep Coach — a packed-in, free feature that anyone can take advantage of. After tracking your sleep patterns for about a week, the Coach will then assign you a sleep symbol in the form of an animal friend, which describes your sleep habits.

From that point onwards, Galaxy Watch 5 will aid you with tips that go beyond a simple “Time to go to bed” reminder. Samsung realizes that sleep is more than a time-bound instinctual activity, hence you can expect tips on nutrition, exercise and mindfulness.

Even your environment matters, so the Galaxy Watch will make things easier for you with a special sync option that will activate Sleep Mode across all Galaxy devices. That means no notifications, no saturation and no always-on displays. Plus, the Watch itself will refrain from turning its screen on accidentally at night, as to not awake you by accident.

Samsung has partnered up with the National Sleep Foundation in search of additional ways through which the company can improve its users’ sleep quality. In celebration of Sleep Awareness Week, you can expect additional tips and tricks to improve sleep.

In the meantime, your main takeaway is this: improving sleep is a journey and — like all worthwhile journeys — it starts with making a choice.

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