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Global National: May 19, 2023 | Full-blown WestJet strike averted as customers remain irked


In tonight’s top story: A day ago, it seemed unlikely that WestJet would reach a deal with its pilots, who threatened to strike. But, a late-night tentative agreement has stopped full-blown turmoil before the Victoria Day long weekend. As Mike Drolet reports, customers travelling this week are still frustrated.

Also, the G7 stressed the need for denuclearization during Friday’s meeting in Japan. Mackenzie Gray reports.

Before heading to Japan for the G7 Summit, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy made a surprise stop in Saudi Arabia, where he addressed leaders at the Arab League Summit. Here, he made a personal appeal to broaden support for Ukraine amid Russia’s war, beyond its Western Allies. Crystal Goomansingh has the story on Ukraine’s desperate plea for more help.

Turning to the wildfires in Canada, more than 10,000 people are still out of their homes in Alberta and beyond tonight, as nearly 100 fires burn. But, there’s hope on the horizon as more crews from the Yukon and U.S. are expected to arrive in the coming days to help the fight. As Neetu Garcha reports, residents are trying to make the best out of a very bad situation.

Plus, it’s Disney versus DeSantis. Just days before Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is expected to launch his presidential campaign, Disney has backed out of plans to build a $1-billion corporate campus in his state. This is the latest outburst in a long-running feud between the corporation and the Republican governor, linked to DeSantis’s anti-LGBTQ2+ policies. As Jackson Proskow explains, Disney’s decision could do real damage to the governor’s brand at a crucial time.

And Parky.ai is a smartphone app developed in Montreal to help users decipher the confusing, and at times contradictory, parking signs. The app uses artificial intelligence to decode complex combinations of parking signs. Mike Armstrong tells us more about this useful app.

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