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Fiona Apple Shares Statement on Roe v. Wade Reversal: Watch


Fiona Apple has shared a new statement about the Supreme Court’s recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. In a video shared via the Fiona Apple Rocks fan channel, she spoke out about the systems of control behind the decision. She added that she planned on donating to abortion funds and bail funds instead of politicians. “I’m just one of a lot of women who need to keep on expressing that we do not fucking accept this,” she said. Watch it below.

“We have to talk about how we feel about this, how unacceptable this is. We have to keep on expressing ourselves, because this is all about control,” Apple said in her statement. In addition to her lifetime advocacy for women’s self-determination, Apple has more recently become a vocal supporter of judicial transparency and open court proceedings. Last year, she encouraged fans to call lawmakers in support of passing legislation allowing virtual court access.


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