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FBI Finally Solve The $1.6 Billion Instagram Scam


The FBI has arrested the crime boss known as Ramon “Hushpuppi” Abbos, who’s responsible for a money laundering scheme raking in over $1.6 Billion dollars. Famous for his lavish lifestyle, on instagram, posing with private jets, 5 star hotels and super cars – where he’s going, he won’t be taking any selfies.

Last year alone, over 1.7 billion dollars were stolen through means of cyber crime. This stolen money can lead to a conviction in “money laundering”, where someone has made money from a source that they keep concealed. A simple scheme like asking someone to wire money into a foreign bank account, that’s controlled in secret by the receiver, is arguably the most common way that this crime is committed. It’s hard to trace, it’s all online, and it can happen to anyone. It’s an ongoing problem, and it still affects millions of people worldwide to this day. Today, we have quite a story to share, where one man and his team of co-conspirators stole millions of dollars from private investors, and companies, from around the globe. It’s arguably one of the most recent, and unique, cyber crime cases out there, especially when it comes to how he was finally caught. The criminal in question is Mr. Ramon “Hushpuppi” Abbos. A social media influencer, with over 2.5 million instagram followers, and a self proclaimed real estate mogul. Oh, and he’s also a liar, a thief, and a criminal. For this incredible story, we decided to report it from the perspective on an FBI agent who was on the case. We definitely think it brings to light just how big a deal this case was. We hope you enjoy our interpretation in our video, where we discuss just what happened with an instagram celebrity, got a little too “post happy”, and gave the Federal Bureau of Investigations just what it needed to make an arrest.

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