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Fact Checking The Boris Johnson Interview On CNN


When you can only make one video a week, it’s hard to choose what topic to talk about. And this week is no different. The on-going war in Ukraine and the shameful way that Ukrainian refugees in Britain are being left homeless without government support, as a legacy of the Tories’ hostile environment for immigrants? The equally shameful way that anti-brexit campaigner Steve Bray had his peaceful protest stopped by 8 met police officers, and prosecuted on the first day of the Steve Bray Act, which is what the police crimes courts and sentencing bill will forever be known, in a standing testament to the divisiveness caused by Brexit. And then there’s the start this week of the intriguing Privileges Committee investigation into Boris Johnson lying to parliament. I promise more on that in the coming weeks, but for now, let’s look at a very interesting soft ball interview that the Convict at Number 10 had with Jake Tapper of the largest American News network, CNN, this week.

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