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f o u n d l i n g (TEASER | May 2023)


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This is a world of multidimensional travel; of intergalactic enterprise; of post-human entertainment and tremendous amounts of wealth. Now, organized crime is a matter of life and the space-time continuum. In response, H E L I X serves as a quantum surveillance agency operating in the shadows and protecting existence from annihilation. A new threat has materialized, not in pursuit of power, but a multiphase act of revenge intended to reverse a quelled slave revolt on a storied Louisiana plantation in tandem with the Haitian Revolution. Conflicted by their own family history, and guided by a mysterious handler known as CRIMSON, JACK must embark on a dangerous undercover mission to uphold the mandates of the agency or be drawn into irrevocable alteration of millions of futures.

season one: WINTER 2024
Special thanks to yesterday’s crew: @kenyarobinsonllc | @sir_pierce | @catherinekarow | @erincurry | @pastelitocookie | @keiariawilliams | @shereal618 | @glitterandgeodes | @lovno6dyspcl
And, of course, @braggingrightGVN for the stellar location!
Music by: https://youtube.com/@SoundPhenomenon


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