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Dr. William Gudelunas: American Territorial Expansion 1776 to 2022 Part 2 of 3


The United States is widely considered the greatest country in history. Many historians also consider us the most favored (luckiest) nation in the history of mankind. We have often had large territorial acquisitions literally fall into our hands. Critics of our history point out the we- like most world powers- engaged in imperialistic expansion often at the expense of less powerful peoples. This series of lectures will attempt to explain the importance of all three factors played in creating a truly great and territorial gigantic nation that has reigned as the world’s greatest superpower since World War I.

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Library favorite Dr. William Gudelunas will cover topics including the Treaty of Paris of 1783, Louisiana Purchase, Mexican Cession, Oregon and 54-40 or Fight, the Gadsden Purchase, Seward’s Folly, late 19th century expansion in the Pacific and current “Commonwealths” of the United States. The lectures will also touch upon the United States’ current commitments worldwide to promote political and economic freedom.


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