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Digital Asset Markets: 5 Important Themes


Futuristic central processor unit. Powerful Quantum CPU on PCB motherboard with data transfers.


Digital assets have had a wild ride over the last year. Several centralized crypto companies, from the hedge fund Three Arrows Capital to the crypto exchange FTX, have failed, while the SEC, the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), and other US agencies have initiated a

Chart visualizing three blockchain types

TokenizedSecurities TokenizedFunds Tokenized RealEstate, Art, andOther Collectibles
BetterAccessibility Opens upsecurities marketsto a global poolof investors Makes institutionalprivate market strategiesmore accessible toindividual investorswith lower investmentminimums, improvedonboarding, andpotentially better liquidity Allows forfractionalization
BetterEfficiency Increased liquidity,faster settlement,and lower costs Transforms relativelyliquid resourcesinto easily tradable goods

Chart showing RWA Activity: Assets per type DAO
Chart showing RWA Activity by Maker

NFT Activity

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