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Creative Health Podcast Episode 03 Nathan Rocky — TahJah Harmony


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Creative Health Podcast Episode 03 with film portrait photographer (@nathanrocky on Instagram). In this episode, Nathan joins host TahJah Harmony to discuss the importance of not intertwining your worth into your work, defining the people who give your work feedback, and the importance of taking a break from your job to work on your art.

In this episode Nathan talks about:

  • Separating your commercial and art work (So that you are still creating for the art of it!)

  • Defining the people who give you feedback

  • How rest can spark new creativity

Helpful Advice:

  • Instead of trying to impress strangers on the internet find people in your life that can truly give you constructive feedback

  • Don’t forget to rest – it will help you find creative clarity

  • Find work that reminds you why you love what you love

  • If you only work on the job part of your creative process, you’ll quickly burnout

Things We Mention:

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