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Celebrities Who Openly Trashed Beyonce


Beyonce is arguably one of the most influential pop stars of this generation. She is one of the best-selling recording artists, a successful entrepreneur, and one-half of one of Hollywood’s most high-profile power couples.

To her fans, Beyonce can do no wrong. But it’s not all cheers and adoration for the superstar. When you are as successful as Beyonce, you’re bound to have some haters. Well, you can’t make everyone like you.

We’ve compiled a list of stars who have openly trashed Beyonce. What did Sasha Fierce do to deserve the backlash? To find out, keep watching.

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50 Cent | 0:00
Keri Hilson | 1:19
Keyshia Cole | 2:25
Azealia Banks | 3:15
Piers Morgan | 4:05
Sanaa Lathan | 4:55

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