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BREAKING: DOJ new Crypto ENFORCEMENT! Coinbase Japan SHUTS DOWN! SHIB RISES! Binance wins!


➡️DOJ Crypto enforcement! Will they ban Crypto?!
➡️Coinbase to SHUT DOWN operations in Japan!
➡️SHIB PUMPS today! What is sending this ERC-20 token to the moon?
➡️Binance continues to WIN! Learn what this Crypto Giant just accomplished!
➡️Coffeezilla ENDS the Logan Paul BEEF!

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0:00 – Introduction
6:00 – Coinbase SHUTS down Japanese Exchange!
11:30 – Binance get go ahead to operate out of Poland! Another Win!
26:50 – SHIB RISES! Shibarium soon?
1:00:00 – DOJ DUMPS crypto market! What’s the news?
1:45:00 – CoffeeZilla ENDS logan Paul! The saga is over.


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