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Baton Rouge native Don Lemon nails it when he proclaims to Sen. John Kennedy, ‘You’re just that dumb…an ignoramus’


Baton Rouge native Don Lemon nails it when he proclaims to Sen. John Kennedy, ‘You’re just that dumb…an ignoramus’

DON LEMON said it for me.

He didn’t have to say it because we know it down here in Loozianer, even if we won’t say it openly.

I mean, it’s a given.

But Lemon, a native of Baton Rouge now plying his trade with CNN, called Sen. John Kennedy an “ignoramus” Wednesday night, adding that he was “just that dumb” and that he “embarrassed Louisiana, all Louisianians.”

Well, not all, of course. There are still many who do not possess the cognizance to recognize a buffoon when they see one. Their misplaced loyalty to a party label prohibits them from separating dignified diplomacy from dumb-ass platitudes and outright insults.

And of course, Kennedy will ramp up those catchy little banalities in his upcoming campaign for reelection without uttering a single word of real substance.

So, what, exactly, provoked Lemon into calling out Kennedy Wednesday night?

Nothing really – except Kennedy’s penchant to insult, debase, and demean (pick one) President Joe Biden’s nominee for the US Supreme Court – before the nominee has even been named.

To quote a now deceased friend of mine, “What an ass-clown.” And I’m talking about Kennedy here.

The man is a graduate of Vanderbilt, the University of Virginia Law School, and Magdalen College, Oxford, so it’s pretty well substantiated that he’s no dummy. Yet, he insists on playing down to the lowest common mental denominator of his Trump-worshiping base by doing his best to sound like Foghorn Leghorn of the Warner Bros. cartoons.

Kennedy, a member of the Judiciary Committee which votes on federal court nominees, was uncharacteristically quiet when Donald Trump touted the qualifications of a female nominee before the nominee’s identity was even known. That nominee, of course, was Amy Coney Barrett and she was approved with nary a Republican objection.

But then President Biden promised to appoint a qualified Black woman to the court, Sens. Ted “Cancun” Cruz and Kennedy went berserk. Cruz called Biden’s promise “offensive,” but Kennedy, true to his Mouth of the South persona, didn’t stop there. He had to inject his witty homilies into the dialog.

“Number one,” he proclaimed, “I want a nominee who knows a law book from a J. Crew catalog. Number two, I want a nominee who’s not going to try to rewrite the Constitution every other Thursday to try to advance a woke agenda.”

That absurd utterance prompted me to wonder if our junior senator had been peeking at the women’s lingerie section of a J. Crew catalog, perhaps mistaking it for a law book.

Lemon’s response? Well, there were no cute little remarks like, “Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit” or “I’ll be batter dipped and deep-fried.”

No, Lemon, in an understated, calm manner said, “Senator Kennedy, really? You’re an ignoramus. You’re just that dumb. And I’m embarrassed because I’m from Louisiana. You embarrassed Louisiana, all Louisianians.”

Lemon went on to say Repugnantcans are “playing to the base with manufactured outrage over President Joe Biden’s vow to nominate the first Black woman to the Supreme Court. They can’t hang their outrage on her education or her record or anything at all other than the one thing that they know: That she’s Black. They don’t even know who she is yet.”

Remember, too, that when he first ran for senator, Kennedy was a liberal Democrat. But when the political winds shifted, so did he and now he’s a self-described Trump Repugnantcan.

Remember, too, that he was one of eight senators to vote to overturn the 2020 election, joining such luminaries as Tommy Tuberville (who identified the three branches of government as the House, the Senate, and the executive and who mistakenly said the US fought socialism in WWII), Josh Hawley and Cruz.

Kennedy, aka Mr. Haney (Green Acres), also said he’d “rather drink weed killer” than support Obamacare. He has repeated his pledge to drink Roundup than to let his constituents down.

Don Lemon was correct: Kennedy is an embarrassment much in the same manner as one Earl K. Long was in 1959. But Long had an excuse. He was suffering from a mental breakdown.

Kennedy is just suffering from diarrhea of the mouth.

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