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Authorities flabbergasted over ATVs and bicyclists seen weaving through I-10 traffic lately


Photo: Joe Ray Gauthier

BATON ROUGE – Amazingly, authorities did not receive complaints about renegade ATV riders seen driving across the New Bridge Tuesday.

An image circulating social media showed dirt bike riders and an ATV rider popping wheelies as they drove from Baton Rouge over the river on I-10 and exited in West Baton Rouge.

Shocked commenters posted reactions about the insanity of the riders, taking to an already notoriously dangerous stretch of interstate.

Authorities in West Baton Rouge pursued the vehicles but stopped out of fear the ATV riders would crash and hurt themselves or other drivers. 

Similarly, police in Baton Rouge didn’t receive complaints about a bicyclist seen in another post last week purportedly cycling in traffic near the College Drive exit on I-10.

Law enforcement will be vigilant if the riders return to the area.

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