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Ariel Helwani: Who Will Get Next Welterweight Title Shot in UFC? | The MMA Hour


In the latest On the Nose, Ariel Helwani discusses where Kamaru Usman would be on p4p list with a win, UFC 286 main event scenarios, instant rematches, the best division in MMA, best fight for bantamweight title, a closer look at Dartsgate, Canelo Alvarez’s next fight, and more.

00:00:00 Intro.
00:02:54 Where would a victory over Leon put Kamaru on Saturday?
00:05:16 What do you think happens next for the WW title in these scenarios: Leon retains, Usman retains, Usman retains and retires?
00:07:44 Do you think there’s been a great matchup we missed out on because the UFC opted for an instant rematch instead?
00:09:40 Expanding the Bantamweight vs. Lightweight debate.
00:11:30 More thoughts on the Bantamweight vs. Lightweight debate.
00:19:49 Favorite UFC London moment, recs while in London, prediction for main, and any fight outside the main you’re looking forward to?
00:28:32 Which fantasy matchup would the team like to see?
00:37:10 Favorite sport scandal?
00:42:48 What’s your opinion on the Undertaker’s legendary Wrestlemania streak?
00:44:22 With Merab’s win, what do you think about teammates fighting each other?
00:45:39 Any rumblings on a Poirier fight?
00:47:33 Thoughts on “influencer fighting?”
00:49:12 What happened to in-studio guests signing a whiteboard?
00:50:00 What the story of your v-shaped scar?
00:50:33 Will you do an in person appearance at a press conference again?
00:52:43 What’s everyone’s favorite pie?
00:58:53 Have you ever been intimidated by someone’s intellect?
01:01:01 Top 5 atmospheres in sport?
01:06:23 Has GC’s cold streak crossed into other sports, or just MMA?
01:13:05 Was DC vs. Lesnar actually close to happening, or was it for show? What’s the rest of the crew’s top 3 hip hop albums?
01:17:27 Thoughts on the East Coast West Coast beef during the Tupac era of hip hop?
01:23:38 What is your dream sports doc that hasn’t been made yet?

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