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Apple reported to launch new HomePod next year with a bunch of improvements


Apple is preparing to launch a brand new version of the HomePod, one that will resemble the now discontinued original version, meaning that it will be larger than the currently sold HomePod mini, according to a report by Bloomberg

This new HomePod will come as just one of a “flood” of new Apple devices expected to arrived between the fall of 2022 and early 2023, but chances are that the HomePod will be among the devices to come later in that period.

The new HomePod carries the codename B620 and is said to run the same S8 chip that Apple uses on its watches. While it is rumored to resemble the original, it will have an updated screen on the top and it is possible it will support some sort of multi-touch functionality, so you can control playback from the speaker itself.
The original HomePod did not sell great. It launched in early 2018, but after three years on the market, it was finally discontinued in March 2021 as Apple shifted focus to its cheaper HomePod mini model. However, since it was discontinued, we keep on hearing about second-hand HomePod units selling way above the original $350 price and it’s become a sort of a collector’s item. 
This new HomePod will have the size and probably the sound that the original had and that some people were clearly drawn to, so that’s the good news. There are no further details, but with a launch not too far away, we expect to hear more about this second-gen HomePod in the coming months.

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