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Amid near-record heat, Entergy shuts down power for almost 1,200 residents for emergency repairs


BATON ROUGE – Amid temperatures reaching an all-time high in the past seven years, over 1,200 residents faced a power outage after Entergy shut off power in a neighborhood along Highland Road for possibly hours Friday so workers could make emergency repairs to its equipment.

The power company said the response was necessary due to a utility pole that was struck by a vehicle around the intersection of Highland and Nelson Drive.

While feels-like temperatures soared well above one hundred degrees, some chose to face the heat head-on, but some facing the power outage had growing concerns about the rising temperatures.

One resident on Nelson said that her troubles were light compared to what others faced. 

“People are that in worse situations than me, they can’t leave, and it’s very concerning, very concerning.”

Some are more fortunate than others.

“We have a generator so we’re prepped and ready for it,” said another resident of Nelson Drive. They said having a generator just isn’t a reality for a lot of people without power.

“Probably 95 percent of the people in the neighborhood don’t have generators.”

While some residents feared what would come next, others faced the heat of the sun despite the heat advisories. 

“I wanted to teach my mom how to play tennis so we could play against each other,” said Jordan Hunt, a sixth-grader wanting to make her school’s tennis team.

A family from Missouri was in town, and due to the heat, they spent time looking for shade instead of sightseeing. 

“We’ve found every spot of shade that we can while we are around looking at stuff.”

Though they are used to heat, they said the Southeast Louisiana heat was more than they were expecting.

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