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Amazon is selling two of Apple’s AirPods models for their best price yet in 2022


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Maybe you have been waiting for the perfect moment to catch a great deal on Apple’s AirPods Pro or even the slightly outdated but still great AirPods 2. Well, it was worth the wait as Amazon is currently selling both of Apple’s best-selling headphones with awesome discounts, probably the best ones we have seen in 2022.

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Let’s start with the AirPods 2, which are Apple’s most affordable pair out of all the AirPods models, offering a great all-around experience. With Amazon’s offer that drops the AirPods 2’s $159 price tag by 37%, these little bad boys are more than worth it for iPhone and iPad owners.

To clarify, these are the AirPods 2 that came out in 2019. However, this is the model that can only be charged via a cable, these are not the AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, as the latter was discontinued by Apple.

Wireless charging case or not, though, the AirPods 2 are a great option for those who are still on the fence about the AirPods and just want to try them out. They come with great battery life, one of the most compact cases, and are pretty comfortable as long as they fit your ears.

On to the AirPods Pro, which are currently the best-selling pair of earbuds in the market. Amazon is selling the AirPods Pro with a 30% discount on the original $249 retail price, which is straight-up a bargain, especially when you consider how rare it is for Apple products to go on sale.

The AirPods Pro bring quite a bit more to the table compared to the AirPods 2. For starters, there’s the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which works tremendously and improves the sound quality. The overall design is more low-key and features rubber ear tips that help with some additional passive noise cancellation. Additionally, the Pro model comes with better water resistance.

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