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Airplane Held Hostage! The Final Conclusion.


This video includes a news clip used by permission from station KBTX, Bryan, TX.
See their web site here: https://www.kbtx.com

The enclosed video is a combination of KBTX footage, and several previous videos from this channel telling the whole story of the engine failure in flight and the forced landing into a cow pasture where the airplane was in essence held for ransom until the effects of social media became too great. A win/win as no one was hurt, and the pilot got his plane back!

I worked extensively with staff at KBTX to get them the story and the contacts so that they could complete their own independent investigation.
The clip included from the news desk of KBTX is “not” intended to endorse or make claim as to the validity of the pilots conversation, regarding his conversation with the mayor. It is specifically edited for brevity and does not show the full context of their report.
No determination, either expressed or implied, is being made by station KBTX in the fair use of this short video segment by this channel from their public broadcast.

Please include your thanks and appreciation to the staff at KBTX for their tireless efforts to bring this story to light, and help effect the conclusion in this matter.

Please circulate this conclusion video and great lessons learned for pilots in similar circumstances.

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