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AdzZoo Louisiana News Broadcast.: Brian McLane – Scott Anderson – Mark Lewis 09/25/09


AdzZoo is on its way to be HUGE!!. I Welcome Everyone to take part and to learn what AdzZoo is all about . I invite All join our team and to become part of a Exciting and Exploding Company that is called AdzZoo.

On 9/25/09 A Major Lousiana News Station took notice of AdzZoo. They invited Brian McLane – Scott Anderson – Mark Lewis to there station to tell their Story About AdzZoo. And what it means for the Small and Mid Size Businesses across this nation. How AdzZoo can help a Business to have a web presence and place there ad on First Page of Google for the price you will pay for a daily cup of Starbucks!! In Seven days or Less Guaranteed!!.

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I invite All Serious Minded Leaders to Join our team to help us premote AdzZoo to be a great name across the United Sates and soon around the world.

This will be the greatest time to join AdzZoo and experience the tremendous growth that we are all witnessing now. You can contact me today. ( Parrish Beals ) To Inquire more Information about AdzZoo or even to join. ( 530-314-9721 ) or you can email me at AdzZoo.tamingtheinternet@gmail.com. I Look Forward to talk to you all soon.


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