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6 Gadget Projects That Look Good on Your Resume


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Gadget Projects Resume

Including gadget projects on your resume can help show potential employers a wide variety of your skills, including programming languages, electrical engineering, hardware and software knowledge, troubleshooting, creativity, and much more.

It can sometimes be difficult to know how to list such projects on your resume, however. If you aren’t sure where to begin, consider using a resume template to help you organize your resume professionally.

Additionally, instead of describing your gadget project in-depth, it is often easier to include a link to a portfolio website that contains more details or to the tech itself. For applications that aren’t easily testable, you can include a screen recording of the app in action or a video that showcases how it works.

Here are six ideas for gadget projects that will be impressive to potential employers:

1. Fintech Projects

Finance technology is in high demand, and such projects showcase your ability to handle confidentiality, integrity, and data security issues. Creating a functional fintech app can also demonstrate your skills with financial processes like payroll, cash flow, inventory, and so forth.

This type of project can be particularly beneficial if you plan to work in finance, tech, IT, or related industries.

2. Instant Messaging Application Projects

Creating a communication platform like an instant messaging app is a relatively easy way to show off your programming abilities. You can use existing libraries and APIs to build your project, but try to include a unique feature that sets your app apart from existing platforms.

3. E-Commerce App Projects

There are almost infinite possibilities when it comes to e-commerce app projects. You can build a web version of an e-commerce store and then make an app version, or build an app with native components. Familiarity with e-commerce and app building is a highly desirable skill that many employers will be pleased to see on your resume.

4. Solar Power Electronics Projects

Solar is the future of energy, so demonstrating a familiarity and interest in solar tech is a great way to show that you are a good fit for the solar industry or for companies who make solar-adjacent technology. For a solar gadget project, you might wish to create something like a solar charger for phones and other mobile devices. This is a great way to demonstrate your understanding of how solar works and a practical application of the knowledge in a project that is useful in your everyday life.

5. Fingerprint Based Security System Projects

A fingerprint based security system is a bit more complex, but it can show an interest in security and strong command of engineering and programming. You might opt to create a fingerprint scanner that either allows all authorized personnel or one that only permits access to a master user.

6. Password Based Circuit Breaker Projects

This type of project is also useful in a solar or electrical engineering setting, as the primary purpose of a password based circuit breaker is to avoid accidental electrocution during repairs to electrical grids. You can create a gadget that allows whoever holds the password to turn a power system off and on.

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