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2019 Word of the Year


I sit here trying to reflect on 2018 drinking coffee all while trying not to get crumbs from a coffee cake stuck in between my keyboard…

That scenario made me laugh because it made me think this is my 2018. It was as sweet as it was sticky, and it was a constant management on my end to make sure the sticky didn’t get lodged between the cracks.

The highs were highs and the lows were low my friend. Which makes me feel a little indifferent about this season. Brene Brown has a quote where she mentions that you can feel equally as sad as you feel happy at the same time. So if this year was graphed the peaks leveled out with the valleys.

I will always see the silver lining…I have gained so much growth. I turned 30 and felt like I had a huge awakening into adulthood! But here are some of my favorite wins to celebrate from this year:

  • I photographed over 100 sessions

  • I was contracted to work on some amazing commercial projects

  • Paid off my car (whoop!)

  • Photographed a beautiful wedding in Costa Rica

  • Finished my Welcome to the Family Guide+Gift project for my new clients

  • Started a Podcast (that I will Launch in January 2019!)

  • Paneled in 6 Conferences

  • Booked 2 plane tickets out of the country (more on that later!)

  • Invested in my health (mentally/physically)

  • Had weddings published in Blogs+Magazines

  • Reached my financial goal

  • Had friends over for s’mores (That’s a big deal for this introverted lady!)

Every year I pick a word for the year:

2016 Word of the Year Fearless
2017 Word of the Year Ambition
For real…2018 was crazy and I didn’t pick a word! That should let you know.

But this year I learned how important it is to be Resilient.

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